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Construction Tickets & Licences in Australia: Essential Guide!

Construction Tickets & Licences in Australia

Navigating the requirements for construction tickets and licences in Australia can be complex, especially if you’ve just moved to Australia and are looking for work on site. At HLH Group, we assist clients and labourers in understanding these essentials. Here is an updated and detailed guide for 2024, outlining the key certifications required for the construction industry in Sydney.

Apart from the essential White Card, obtaining these extra tickets can help you secure more jobs and earn a higher wage!

Confined Space Entry Ticket

Working in confined spaces, such as sewers, tunnels, tanks, or trenches, involves unique challenges and risks. This certification equips workers with the knowledge to:

  • Assess risks
  • Understand safety procedures
  • Use appropriate equipment

It ensures adherence to safety protocols in potentially hazardous environments.

Confined Space Entry Ticket - Labour Hire Sydney

Working at Heights Ticket

For those working in elevated positions, the working at heights certification is crucial. It covers:

  • Risk assessment
  • Use of safety harnesses
  • Essential safety practices

This ticket is vital for work on scaffolding, rooftops, or any elevated platforms, ensuring tools and equipment are securely handled to prevent hazards.

Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) Ticket

Operating elevated work platforms requires specific skills. The EWP ticket is divided into two classes:

  • Under 11 metres: For scissor lifts, vertical lifts, and small boom lifts.
  • Over 11 metres: For larger boom lifts, including additional safety and operational training.

This certification ensures operators can safely handle these machines and are aware of potential risks.

Elevated Work Platforms EWP Ticket - Labour Hire Australia

Asbestos Removal Ticket

Handling asbestos involves significant health risks. Asbestos removal tickets are classified into:

  • Asbestos Awareness: Identifying asbestos in materials.
  • Non-Friable Asbestos Removal: Safe removal of less than 10 m² of non-friable asbestos.
  • Supervising Asbestos Removal: For larger quantities or supervising projects.

These certifications ensure workers handle asbestos safely and in compliance with legal standards.

Traffic Control Tickets (Blue and Yellow Cards)

Traffic control on construction sites is critical for safety and efficiency. The certifications include:

  • Blue Card: For controlling traffic around sites.
  • Yellow Card: For planning and implementing traffic management plans.

These certifications ensure traffic controllers can safely direct vehicles and pedestrians, minimising accident risks and ensuring smooth site operations. A driver’s license is often required.

Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI) Ticket

Working on rail infrastructure involves unique safety challenges. The RISI ticket covers:

  • Track safety.
  • Electrical safety
  • Awareness of surrounding hazards

This certification promotes safety consciousness and legal compliance in the high-risk rail sector.

High-Risk Work Licences

Certain construction jobs are classified as high-risk and require specific high risk work licences, including:

  • Crane operation
  • Dogging
  • Rigging
  • Scaffolding
  • Forklift operation.
  • Hoist operation.
  • Pressure equipment operation.
  • Reach stacker operation.

Each licence involves in-depth training on operating potentially dangerous equipment and adhering to strict safety standards, focusing on both operational proficiency and broader safety implications.

High-Risk Licence for Forklift (LF) & (LO)

This high risk licence for forklifts is very popular with many of our warehouse-based clients and is also requested by some construction sites where ceiling heights restrict access for large machines like telehandlers. There are two types of forklift tickets:

  • Order Picking Forklift Truck (LO): The operator’s control elevates with the load.
  • Forklift with Mast (LF): The forklift has a mast and an elevating load carriage with a pair of fork arms.

Based on the requests we receive; we recommend obtaining the LF ticket. Unlike some other tickets and licences, prior operating experience is advantageous.

How to Obtain Construction Tickets & Licences

Obtaining these certifications typically involves completing courses offered by accredited training providers. These courses equip workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Many providers offer flexible schedules, including weekend courses, allowing workers to upskill without compromising their work commitments.

For more information, reach out to HLH Group to guide you through the process and help you achieve the necessary certifications for your construction career.

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