Work Health and Safety Policy

At HLH we have made it our number one priority to ensure that we as an employer and our employees (office and site based) are compliant with WHS. With the building and construction industry being one of the most high-risk areas of work we could not afford to neglect such an important aspect of the industry.

We are constantly in contact with our employees and contractors to ensure they communicate in an effective and meaningful manner on any Work Health and Safety issues that may arise on site. We ensure that all our workers and contractors are aware of their obligations for Work Health & Safety in areas under their control.

We regularly carry out on-site audits of our staff to ensure that they adhere to our high safety standards at all times.

Work Health and Safety Policy - Hunter Labour Hire Sydney

Some of the things we do to ensure compliance include:

Site Inspections – We conduct site inspections on sites that our staff are working on. This helps us to ensure that the site is being compliant with WHS and that our staff are working safely in a safe environment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – During the registration process we issue our staff with branded high-vis tops and any other PPE they don’t already have. We also ensure that when sending out job details that the site PPE requirements are clear in the messages. This helps ensure that all our staff turn up in compliance with the sites requirements.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) – We liaise with each of our clients in relation to job specific SWMS. Typically, our staff are required to read and sign our clients SWMS on arrival to site but on occasions we also produce our own SWMS prior to a job too.

Hazard Reporting – Both office and site based staff are briefed on the process for reporting hazards. All hazards are logged and procedures for how this hazard can be prevented into becoming an incident are put in place immediately.

Incident Reporting – Both office and site based staff are briefed on the process for incident reporting. We keep a record of all incidents big or small and do everything we can in terms of implementing preventative measures going forward.

Toolbox Talks – We conduct regular toolbox talks with all staff. Site based staff are also advised that they may be required to take part in on-site tool box talks with clients as well.

HLH Group Safety Officer

As part of our commitment to the safety of our tradies, staff, clients and anybody who may visit a worksite we have created a dedicated HLH Group Safety Officer role. Nick joined the team in 2022 and is focused on fostering a health and safety culture that permeates all parts of our business. The ultimate goal of our safety officer is that we can create and preserve a safe, compliant and productive work environment.

Safety Officer Role – the main role of the HLH Group Safety Officer is:

  • Coordinate onsite inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices.
  • Develop HLH Group job safety analysis programs.
  • Evaluate HLH Group health and safety methods, policies, procedures and programs within the company.
  • Liaise with both client and candidate to create the safest working environment possible.

Meet Nick – If you have any safety related questions, or would like to learn more about Nick, then “Meet Nick” and talk safety.

Nick Silvester - Safety Coordinator - HLH Group

HLH Quality Policy

At Hunter Labour Hire our objective is to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading providers of skilled labour and tradespeople. Quality management is at the heart of this objective and hence it is crucial that our policy aligns with the strategic goals and direction of the business.

We are committed to the effective implementation and ongoing improvement of our management system, to the satisfaction of all clients, and to compliance with statutory and other requirements.

Hunter Labour Hire - Safety At Work

Environmental Management Policy

Hunter Labour Hire values the natural environment and is committed to minimising adverse impacts through the consistent implementation of an effective environmental management system.

We make the following commitments:

  • Integrate environmental management into business planning, strategy development and operational delivery;
  • Continually improve the environment management system to enhance performance;
  • Establish environmental objectives/targets and communicate performance regularly to engage our employees and other stakeholders;
  • Comply with relevant legal obligations, standards, customer requirements, and other applicable requirements;
  • Promote a culture of shared responsibility for environmental management and protection;
  • Enhance the awareness, knowledge and skills of employees, contractors and suppliers in relation to environmental management;
  • We will continue to minimise the generation of wastes from all our activities and operations, and to recover resources within all waste streams for recycling and reuse.

Environmental aspects are recorded in our Risk Register and reviewed annually during management meetings. Subsequent reviews will take place if there is a change to the work environment that may introduce new or changed hazards.

Hunter Labour Hire - Sustainability

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