Skilled Labourers

Skilled Labourers

All Our Skilled Labourers Are Experienced

At Hunter Labour Hire all our skilled labourers have a minimum of two years’ construction experience. A large number of them have overseas trade qualifications that are not recognised in Australia so they work as skilled labourers or trade assistants instead. This ensures they carry out the high standard and quality of work you require whilst out on site. We monitor the performance of our labourers on a weekly basis through our client feedback process to ensure these standards are constantly maintained.

Labour Hire Locations Covered

Our labourers are available to work anywhere within the Sydney Metro Area from the Eastern suburbs to North Sydney at short notice. We can also supply general labourers to regional New South Wales once we’ve been given the adequate time and notice required. Hunter Labour Hire promise to provide you with the right labourers, at the right time for the right price.

Skiller Labour Hire Sydney - Hunter Labour Hire

Fully Vetted Skilled Labourers

All our labourers are fully vetted by our strict screening process which involves the following steps:

  1. We only consider applications from people with the minimum of two years’ construction work experience and a valid white card (Construction Induction Card).
  2. We then draw up a shortlist of applicants who are the interviewed initially over the phone.
  3. Following a successful phone interview we then conduct a face-to-face interview which includes a document check to ensure our prospective labourers have a valid white card and any other relevant tickets.
  4. We then conduct a reference check to verify our labourer’s previous work experience.
  5. Once they have passed through all the above stages the applicant then becomes a member of our Hunter Labour Hire team and are added to our employee database.

Our Safety Focus

We believe that the safety of our workers is paramount to the job we do. All our skilled labourers have a valid white card and wear the necessary PPE including hardhats, high visibility clothing and steel-toecap boots. We ensure that they have all the required training and tickets to complete the job in hand.

The Hunter Labour Hire Promise

We promise to deliver the right skilled labourer, in the right place, at the right time and for the right price.

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