Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

We have a comprehensive recruitment process in place to ensure that the quality of the workers we supply is always up to the high standard that our clients expect. We only consider applications from people with the necessary qualifications in their trade, adequate skills and relevant work experience.

The HLH Recruitment Process For Labour Hire

Our labour hire recruitment includes the following stages:

Online Registration - Construction Recruitment Process - HLH

1. Online Registration

All applicants must complete our online registration form which captures data about their previous experience and referee details in addition to payroll and personal details.

Face-to-face Interviews - Construction Recruitment Process - HLH

2. Face-to-face Interviews

Once we are satisfied with the outcome of an initial phone interview we then invite the candidates into our office for a face-to-face interview. This gives us an opportunity to gain further information from the candidate about their relevant experience and find out more about their preferred role.

Induction Checklist - Construction Recruitment Process - HLH

3. Induction Checklist

In addition to the interview all candidates must also complete our HLH induction checklist. This list includes manual handling training and briefing employees on how to report any hazards, unsafe work practices or incidents while onsite.

Document Check - Construction Recruitment Process - HLH

4. Document Check

We complete a document check to ensure all relevant ticket and/or licences are in date and compliant with SafeWork NSW requirements.

Visa Check - Hunter Labour Hire Recruiment Process

5. Visa Check

We ensure all candidates from overseas have a valid visa by conducting online VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) checks.

Reference Checks - Labour Hire Recruitment Process

6. Reference Checks

We carry out reference checks with previous employers to verify the candidates experience and period of employment.

HLH Permanent Construction Recruitment Process

At HLH Group we offer contingency based recruitment services which means we will be engaged by your company to find candidates for a permanent position within your business.

How the recruitment process looks?

Face-to-face Interviews - Construction Recruitment Process - HLH

1. Initial Recruitment Consultation

A friendly chat around specific jobs or hiring plans, let’s see if we are a good match to work together.

Reference Checks - Labour Hire Recruitment Process

2. Candidate Sourcing

We employ several different strategies for this depending on your requirements. Some of these are unique and others have stood the test of time!

Screening Candidates - HLH Group

3. Candidate Screening

We evaluate the candidates we have sourced against all your requirements

Candidate Submission - HLH Group

4. Candidate Submission

We will professionally present candidates to you that we think are a perfect match or a recommended alternative. You should expect to receive 3-4 candidates depending on the role for you to review.

Candidate Management - HLH Group

5. Candidate Management

Our recruitment consultants will work with you to guide candidates through your hiring process from initial interview to letter of offer.

Placement - HLH Group Recruitment

6. Placement

After finalising the details of commencement date with the candidate and your company we will make sure that everything goes to plan. Even after the placement commences, we will actively communicate to ensure a good match has been made.

If no placement is made then there is no cost to your business – NO WIN, NO FEE!

At HLH Group we offer contingency based recruitment services which means we will be engaged by your company to find candidates for a permanent position within your business.

Retaining The Best Labour Hire

Once a candidate has successfully passed through the above stages they then become a valued member of the Hunter Labour Hire team and are ready to work for our clients.

We like to retain our team members for as long as possible and we understand that in order for us to do that we need to try and keep them in ongoing work where possible. We have found that once we look after our workers they take pride in working for HLH and consistently impress clients with their standard of work, reliability and positive attitude.

As our recruitment process is quite in-depth we’re selective in which applicants we decide to bring through these stages, we focus on providing quality candidates over a large quantity of candidates. Even though we’ve experienced significant growth in recent years we understand the importance of continuing to supply high quality candidates.

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