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Working Safely in Confined Spaces – Don’t Get Trapped

Safely Working in Confined Spaces

In the day to day work of construction and maintenance projects there is often a requirement for workers to enter and work in confined spaces. These are often areas that are not designed for humans to access. Because of this there is a requirement for anyone who is to work in these areas to have completed the necessary construction ticket in order to be able to work safely in these spaces. There are various hazards that people who work in confined spaces need to be aware of in order to minimise and prevent risk / harm to themselves.

Working in Confined Spaces – The Hazards

Hazards of Working in Confined Spaces - Hunter Labour Hire SydneyIf you are going to work in a confined space these are the hazards that you need to be aware of at all times.

  • Low levels of Oxygen: If entering a tank or tight space there is a chance that you may enter an area where there is not enough oxygen to sustain a person which may lead to suffocation.
  • Dangerous Contaminants: Depending on the space you enter there can be many different types of harmful substances, gases and vapours. All of these could be very dangerous for any individual entering who has not taken the correct precautions.
  • Entrapment: Its important when entering a confined space that the person who enters has planned a route out of the space. If they do not plan beforehand there is a risk that they may not be able to exit safely from the space.
  • Engulfment: Many confined spaces are used for the movement of water supplies and waste water i.e. sewers. Water and other liquids can engulf the confined space which could have catastrophic consequences for someone who has not taken the necessary precautions.
From the above its clear to see why working in a confined space is so dangerous. That’s why it’s necessary for anyone who enters and works in confined spaces to have completed confined space training.

Confined Space Training

There are three types of training that you can undertake if working in a confined space.

  1. Enter and Work in a Confined Space – This is the minimum training required to enter and work in a confined space. This only qualifies the holder to work in the space.
  2. Confined Space Gas Tests & Issue Permits – This training allows people to enter and work in a confined space, test gas levels in the space and issue suitable work permits.
  3. Confined Space Standby/Rescue Training – This is the full accreditation for confined space training. It allows the workers to perform rescue and be a standby for workers in the confined space.

Working Safely in Confined Space Training - Construction Tickets and Licences

Confined Space Labourers and Trades

At Hunter Labour Hire we have partnerships with RTOs who provide our staff with safety training to the highest of standards. We ensure that any of our labour hire who are working in confined spaces have the necessary training to perform the tasks required safely. If you require any confined space labourers or workers then Hunter Labour Hire can provide these staff to your business. Give our recruiters a call on 02 8985 2019 to discuss your individual requirements or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you asap!

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