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Carpenter Profile – Understanding the Role of A Carpenter

Carpenter Profile

Carpenters are an essential requirement on almost every construction site to build and repair wooden structures on the project. Due to the broad nature of work the carpentry trade covers it is by far the most common trade that HLH are requested to provide by our clients. In the post we’ll go over the ins and outs of a carpenter profile to give you a better understanding of the role of carpenter hire.

Types Of Projects for Carpenters

The types of projects and tasks that HLH generally supply carpenters for include:

  • Shop and office fit-out projects
  • Residential and commercial extensions, refurbs, and new builds
  • First fix framing work
  • Second fix finishing work
  • Cladding and external facades
  • Maintenance projects
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Pergolas, decking and other external joinery
  • Formwork

Types of Jobs for Carpenters - HLH Hunter Labour Sydney

Daily Responsibilities of a Carpenter

On any given day the responsibilities of a carpenter are likely to include:

  • Arriving at site in the morning and liaising with the site foreman regarding the jobs required for that day.
  • Read over the architectural and engineering plans to ensure they have a good understanding of the job required.
  • Offload the relevant tools and set up larger power tools safely and in a sensible place using the correct WHS procedures for power leads and dust control etc.
  • Complete the work required, referring to the plans where necessary.
  • Whether they finish the job or not, at the end of the day the carpenters would be responsible for ensuring their work zone is left in a safe condition clear of tools and rubbish.

Essential Tools for Carpenters:

As most carpenters would admit, you can never have enough tools when working as a carpenter and the longer you practice your trade the more tools you are likely to acquire along the way. Also, the type of tools a carpenter requires will always depend on the work they are being hired to complete. For example, the tools that a formwork carpenter requires will differ to the tools that a carpenter completing second fix work would require.

The essential tools for a carpenter include:

  • Hand Tools– All carpenters whom HLH employ and supply would be expected to have hand tools relevant to the project as a minimum. Carpenters who only provide hand tools would generally be paid slightly less and charged to our clients at a lower rate.
  • Cordless Power Tools Kit– The majority of carpenters whom HLH employ and supply would also be expected to have a range of suitable power tools suitable for the work they are being employed to undertake. Carpenters who provide a full set of hand tools and most of their power tools would generally be paid and charged mid-high range on the scale.
  • Large Power Tools and Framing Guns– We generally find that carpenters who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or who are on partner visa and have intentions of staying in Sydney would have the larger and more expensive tools like drop saws, framing guns, routers etc. Carpenters who are fully set up with an extensive range of hand and power tools, including these would generally be paid and charged at the high end of the scale.
If you need some tools then this guide to where to get tools in Sydney should help you out!

Carpenter Rates Sydney - Hunter Labour Hire

What are the Rates for Carpenter Hire

At Hunter Labour Hire we offer our candidates and clients a sliding scale in terms of pay/charge rates for carpenters. This is generally based on a combination of the carpenter’s experience and their set up including the tools they possess and transportation etc).

Useful Tickets/Licenses for Carpenters

Generally, aside from their white card carpenters will not require any additional tickets for most positions HLH have on offer. However, we have had positions for carpenters in the past that have required additional construction tickets and licenses. These include:

  • Working safely at heights
  • Confined space
  • EWP Under 11m
  • EWP over 11m
If you are a carpenter and you are interested in completing additional training, then we would recommend Simili Training for these courses.

Skilled Carpenter Work Available - HLH Sydney

Skilled Carpenter Work Available

If you are a skilled carpenter looking for work, or if your business requires a skilled carpenter for an upcoming project then please don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@hunterlabourhire.com.au or call us on 02 8985 2019.


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