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Construction Cowboys – How to Spot & Avoid Them

Construction Cowboys – Avoid The Bad Eggs

The world is full of honest, hardworking citizens who contribute to society. Legitimate companies whose services and products benefit the world and add value to others’ lives. However, there are always a select few whose intentions are not morally correct. The construction industry is no different and is home to some “construction cowboys”, people who are looking to make a quick buck at the expense of someone or via exploitation. For example, a tradesman who does dodgy work and overcharges customers for a half-finished job or builders who don’t look after the safety of their workers and labourers. And then there are companies who agree to sponsor foreign workers, charge them extortionate fees and then drop them at the last moment leaving them without a Visa on the other side of the world. Sharp practices like these all fall under the “construction cowboy” umbrella and below we’ll touch on the hallmarks of construction cowboys so you know how to spot them and more importantly, avoid them.

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Payment Should Be Like Clockwork

No matter what job you work in, getting paid on time is something that will matter to you. The construction industry is no different, and most labourers and tradesmen in Australia get paid weekly. Builder’s who are slow at paying their subcontractors soon gain a reputation that can damage them. The same goes for Labour Hire companies, who should always pay the Fair work commission award and correct overtime rates where applicable. If you think you might get away with dodging a few invoices you might find that it will haunt you for as long as your business is around, or you may even end up in court. HLH Group always pay overtime rates and always make sure you’re paid on time! Once you work in construction with HLH Group you are guaranteed to be paid every Thursday.

Safety Should Be Paramount

Workplace Health and Safety is a massive part of construction and building in NSW and wider Australia. Safe Work NSW state-regulated authority on safe work practices and work with the NSW community to reduce work-related fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses and make it easier to do business safely. Despite the large emphasis on safety, some builders and companies still chose to cut corners which potentially can endanger their employees’ lives. Dodgy scaffolding, lack of safety equipment or PPE and unmarked hazards are just a few ways in which construction workers, labourers and tradesmen can become injured. HLH Group has a dedicated work health and safety officer who performs routine site inspections and is always a point of contact for workers and clients alike to discuss any concerns they may have.

How To Spot A Construction Cowboy

So, the things you should look for in companies you work with are regular payments and a focus on safety but if you spot any of the below happening then you could be in a bad box with a construction cowboy:

  • They always show up at the job site late
  • They never have any references from previous jobs
  • They only accept cash payments and they want it upfront
  • They use cheap materials, their workmanship is poor or they’ve left parts incomplete altogether
  • You can never get a hold of them on the phone when you need them to fix a problem

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Handpicked Clients – No Cowboys

We handpick our clients to ensure that our workers are only placed on construction sites with appropriate safety and work sites. We have Pat who is our Safety Officer that ensures we do not engage with these so-called “construction cowboys”. If you want to work with reputable builders throughout Sydney, get paid on time every week and learn new skills with a great team then send your resume to jobs@hunterlabourhire.com.au or apply online now.

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