PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) For Sydney Construction Sites

PPE Required For Construction Sites in Sydney

When you’re on a construction site in Sydney always wear protection and here Hunter Labour Hire’s got you covered! High vis and hard hat is the new suit and tie!! Find out about the required PPE for Sydney construction sites below as well as some recommended (and sometimes required!) extra gear to keep you safe!

Minimum PPE Requirements For Sydney Construction Sites

The minimum PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that needs to be worn on Sydney construction sites by all labourers and tradesmen at all times is a hard hat, high visibility clothing and steel toe cap boots. So get yourself kitted out now and don’t embarrass yourself when you go to site and get sent home for not having the correct equipment. Another thing that will get you sent home is not having your white card and in some cases photo i.d when you arrive to a new site induction.

minimum-ppe-requirements-for-construction-sitesHard Hat – Required PPE
Hard hats are designed to protect the head, eyes and neck from any hazardous impacts, bumps, or scrapes. They are a necessity on any construction site to protect your head from falling materials, debris, low ceilings collision impact or any other hazards. Although some lads could do with wearing a helmet on a more frequent basis!!

High-Visibility Clothing – Required PPE
Through the sea of illuminous yellow and orange, your high-vis will be sure to get you noticed and stand out – not just in the pub but more importantly on the construction site. This is to ensure that all people on the construction site are visible in regards to moving machinery or other workers on the construction site. This is why we at Hunter Labour Hire provide all our labourers with free HLH hi vis tops! Register with us today to get yours.

Steel Toe Cap Boots – Required PPE
Even though many think steel toe cap boots are uncomfortable they are a necessity for all labourers and tradesmen on any construction site. By wearing these labourers ensure they protect themselves against unnecessary hazards, falling objects or heavy machinery and protect your ankles if they fall in any holes or uneven surfaces on a construction site. The main thing to look for when buying steel toe cap boots is that they fit properly, are of good quality and are comfortable.

Occasional PPE Requirements on Construction Sites

Different constructions sites have different PPE requirements depending on the task and risks involved. Always refer to the onsite Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to ensure you have adequate PPE for the job in hand.

Full Length Pants/Shorts
Cover up those milk bottles for the summer!! Some construction sites require full length pants on site as a source of protection from the sun and from materials on site. Some sites allow labourers to wear shorts but coming into the summer this will be clamped down on as the sun rays are too strong. Always check with us about the specific site requirements.

Goggles/Safety Glasses
To protect you from loose material or falling objects and a lot of accidents that happen on a construction site can be prevented from wearing the appropriate safety glasses.


In some cases, gloves are needed to protect your hands from handling harmful materials and in other cases where you are operating machinery or other construction equipment it may be hazardous to wear gloves so in this case you should ask you site manager for advice.

HAH? WHA? Yep that’s what you’ll sound like in a couple of years if you don’t wear the correct ear protection when laboring on a construction site while operating loud machines. These are essential on a construction site when it comes to labourers or machine operators working near high noise for example chainsaws, jackhammers, bulldozer, grinder.

Sun Cream
We all know Australia is known for the scorching sun, therefore it’s so important to ensure every day you wear sun cream to site and bring it with you to reapply throughout the day as the sun rays can be damaging and cause sunstroke or severely dangerous sunburn. Don’t be caught red faced!

Jobs Available In Sydney Construction Sites!

So if you have your full PPE then check out these tips on how to get a construction job in Sydney. When you are ready to start working on a construction site with Hunter Labour Hire then contact Crionna on 0404 001 218, email jobs@hunterlabourhire.com.au or register online to see what jobs are available!

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