Working Holiday Visa In Australia – It’s Never Too Late!

Recent Changes To The Australian Working Holiday Visa

So now that summer is almost here and the weather is changing people over the age of 30 can now rejoice that the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) scheme has been extended to those who are a few years older, up to age 35 to be precise.

The application fee has been dropped by $50 this means more money for beers on Coogee grass with everyone else who has made the perilous flight in economy class. So cancel that wedding put the baby on hold and come on out where the sun is shining and construction work plentiful.

Stop working in the cold blustery conditions back in Northern Europe, no more need for the frosty morning starts ditch the gloves grab your PPE equipment, boardshorts, sun cream and head on over to the sun, sand and the sound of jackhammers.

Recent changes now also enable you to be employed for 12 months with the wonderful guys here at Hunter Labour Hire!

Backpacker Tax Delayed – Working Holiday Visa

Also good news for anyone coming to upside down land is the delay in the controversial backpacker tax. The Australian government has decided to delay the controversial backpacker tax, this means that you will still get a tax free allowance which is great news, you should probably thank the farmers for this.


Regional Work For Second Year WHV

Regional work is also your gateway to the second year WHV which means you can spend another year in a country, where the birds wake you up for work at 6am and the spiders are the size of a shovels. So come to Australia and work with Hunter Labour Hire and gain more experience in the construction industry. With your hard hat in hand head off to complete your 88 days’ regional work, maybe even get a construction job in Darwin with all your newly acquired Australian experience.  Don’t forget to get back in contact with Hunter Labour Hire on your return to Sydney!

Why Should You Come To Australia?

So if this still isn’t temping you to take the plunge and make the move then surely the fall in the pound, winter and the constant worry of how BREXIT is affecting you (if you’re from another country this doesn’t concern you nearly as much as the UK but come anyway its 28 degrees today and sunny!). From skilled labourers to qualified tradies come on over and enjoy the tax increase delay and the option to work for 1 employer for 12 months.

Sunny Working Environment & Friday Drinks!

Enjoy the sunny working environment, Friday drinks and a quick spin on the pokies, but also be prepared for 30 degrees plus days then waiting 2 hours for the 333 bus to Bondi cause its always full up. Once you finally get to the beach enjoy the novelty of seeing the Bondi Rescue lifeguards busy on duty. Once that is done kick off your work boots, remove your hard hat, hi-vis and do your best Pamela Anderson run into the cooling Pacific Ocean safe in the knowledge Bondi Rescue have your back, this is when you realise why so many have come for the year and stayed for a lifetime. This opportunity is open people who thought they had originally missed out due to age so whether you’re a carpenter or a landscaper then what are you waiting for work is plentiful and the weather is beautiful see you soon.


Construction Jobs in Sydney

When you arrive to Australia and want to secure your construction job contact Hunter Labour Hire on 02-89852019, email your resume to jobs@hunterlabourhire.com.au or apply online and let us know your expected arrival date.

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