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Should I Work In The Sydney Construction Industry?

Should You Work In The Sydney Construction Industry?

A job in the construction industry is not for everyone but having said that there are those who simply love working on a site. Could that be you? We have put together a list of questions that can help you to decide if a career in construction is right for you!

Do You Like Spending Time Outdoors?

If you are fed up of working indoors while the sun is shining outside, prefer to be soaking up the sun instead of checking your latest emails or prefer fresh air instead of air con then maybe a job in the Sydney construction industry could be for you!

Benefits of working in construction industry - Hunter Labour Hire Sydney

Do You Enjoy Hard Work?

Those who work in the construction industry often love the daily grind, working hard to get the job done and they’re not afraid of the early morning starts. Working in the construction industry can be physically rewarding but if you just lay off those chicken schnitzel rolls you may not even need to go to the gym!

Do You Love The On-Site Banter?

Is The Construction Industry For You - Hunter Labour HireIf you are someone who loves a bit of banter and craic, then a building site could be the place for you. Just remember that knowing what a glass hammer is and where to find a bucket of steam are key pieces of information on your first day!

Do You Take Personal Pride In The Work You Do?

At the end of the day when you have finished your days’ labour, do you like to look back and say to yourself ‘that’s a job well done’? There can be great satisfaction in seeing a job progress from start to finish knowing you’ve been a key part in the progress.

Enjoy working as part of a team?

‘Many hands make light work’ this old expression must have originated on a building site because it rings true to anyone who has ever worked in manual labour. By pooling together with other workers jobs that would have seemed daunting now become just another task.

Like Being Financially Rewarded?

At times jobs in the construction sector can be very rewarding with many tradies commanding a very generous pay packet at the end of each week. This is due in part to the huge demand for construction workers with the right skills, particularly in Sydney. The opportunity to work overtime affords even more opportunity to earn extra wages.

Labour Jobs in Sydney!

What is it about the construction industry that you enjoy the most? Is it a labour of love? We’d like to hear from you so please comment below with your thoughts about working in the construction industry.

Or if you are interested in pursuing a job in the construction industry we have plenty of positions available, from general labourers to plumbers. Contact the office on 02 89852019, email jobs@hunterlabourhire.com.au for more information or apply online now!

  • Joe green
    Posted at 16:27h, 03 February Reply

    Hi there,

    Worked on and off in events crew management and construction. Recently moved to Sydney and looking for work.

    • Nigel Hunter
      Posted at 17:36h, 03 February Reply

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comment!

      We have sent you a registration form, simply fill this in and return it to us and we will be in touch soon!



  • Martin Paulik
    Posted at 18:05h, 03 February Reply

    Hi there ,
    could you please send me the form as well??
    Thank you very much,

    • Nigel Hunter
      Posted at 08:52h, 04 February Reply

      Hi Martin,

      I have just sent you a registration form.



  • Itamar Souza
    Posted at 07:45h, 04 February Reply

    Hi there

    Could you please send me a registration form?

    Many thanks

    • Nigel Hunter
      Posted at 08:56h, 04 February Reply

      Hi Itamar,

      Yeah no worries, we have also just sent you a registration form. Just return it filled in and we will be in touch soon.



  • Solo chavez
    Posted at 13:47h, 04 February Reply


    I just moved to sidney, and this is a great FIT for me, can i have the registration form?
    Thank you

    • Nigel Hunter
      Posted at 14:04h, 04 February Reply

      Hi Solo,

      I hope you are settling in to Sydney nicely. I have just sent you a registration form.



  • waqar
    Posted at 21:27h, 22 May Reply

    I have recently relocated in Sydney ,Submitted my CV.Interested in construction general Labour Job.
    My mobile # 0470437289


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