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What Traits Make a Good Worker?

Traits of a Good Worker

Looking to become a better worker? Looking to hire a good worker for your business? In this blog, we will assess what traits make a good labour hire worker, and an important member of any organisation in any given industry.


Reliability is without a doubt one of the most important traits of an employee, especially in labour hire companies. Reliable workers within a labour hire company are valued workers who HLH Group can depend on to show up and work hard for our valued clients. To increase your reliability as a worker, you must:

  • Arrive at the job site on time
  • Produce high-quality work
  • Show eagerness to take on more significant responsibilities
  • Always present at work and not distraction ie. phone use
  • Take initiative when needed

What Traits Make a Good Worker - Reliability - HLH Group Sydney


Teamwork plays a highly important role in becoming a good worker. Successful work requires good communication, patience, and dedication. Having good teamwork means work gets completed faster and at a high quality. Working for a labour hire company having good teamwork is key to being a good worker because labour hire workers can often move around a lot from site to site and to different companies. Having good teamwork skills and being able to adapt quickly to a new environment are key. Being a good team player ensures you are a positive addition to any team and are:

  • Good solid team player
  • Flexible with change
  • Committed to the success of himself and that of their teams
  • A problem solver
  • Supportive and respectful to coworkers


Being able to work independently is extremely important, it’s just as important as being able to work with a team. Employers need to know that when asking for a task to be completed you are trusted to complete it efficiently and to a high standard without constant supervision. You must have:

  • The ability to critique and edit your work
  • Strong focus
  • Confidence

What Traits Make a Good Worker - Independence - HLH Group Sydney

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is key, the ability to understand your own strength and weakness as an employee is key. By having good self-awareness you can recognise your weak areas allowing you to focus on your weaker areas, ask for help and improve these areas. You must:

  • Have strong emotional intelligence
  • Understand your role on your team
  • Ask for and learn from feedback


Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a good worker, having integrity creates a good work environment of honesty and good communication allowing for better teamwork, where labour hire employees are not afraid to ask for help, look for feedback and express their concerns.

  • You are honest about your work progress.
  • You are ethical in all business practices.
  • You make all decisions based on integrity and honesty.


Having dedication involves having a consistent strong sense of support and loyalty to the business, being committed to the company means having a strong sense of pride in your work.

  • A positive attitude toward your job in general
  • Punctuality for all work-related events
  • Flexibility when assigned work tasks

Dedicated employees don’t need extensive experience in their field, but they’re willing to put in the training and work required to gain any necessary experience. They are goal-oriented and are more likely to strengthen any qualities they may need to improve.

What Traits Make a Good Worker - Dedication - HLH Group Sydney

Hire Reliable & Hardworking Workers

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