Temp to Permanent Construction Recruitment - Sydney

Temp to Perm Construction Recruitment Sydney

At HLH group we offer a range of permanent recruitment services which we can tailor to our clients’ requirements based on their unique needs. Our experienced team of recruiters have assisted many construction companies to hire the best staff across Sydney and NSW. An increasingly popular method of recruitment that our clients are using is the temp to perm model of recruitment. In construction particularly where skills can be hard to assess at interview stage and based on resumes alone – temp to perm recruitment can give you the opportunity to assess suitability in a real-world working environment.

Temp to Perm Conststruction Roles

What type of roles do our clients recruit via temp to perm?

  • General Labourers
  • Trades such as electricians, carpenters, scaffolders and landscapers.
  • Leading Hands
  • Site Foremen
  • Project staff such as Project Admins, Coordinators and even engineers.
  • Warehouse and Yard staff

Benefit Temp to Perm Recruitment - HLH Group Sydney

Benefits of Temp to Perm Recruitment

Using HLH Group for temp-to-perm recruitment can offer several benefits for your business:

Flexibility: This model allows you to assess a candidate’s skills, work ethic, and cultural fit within your company before committing to a permanent hire. It gives you the flexibility to evaluate the candidate’s performance in real-world scenarios.

Risk Mitigation: Hiring permanent employees involves inherent risks, such as the potential for poor performance or cultural mismatch. By initially employing candidates on a temporary basis, you can mitigate these risks by observing their performance and suitability for the role before extending a permanent offer.

Cost Savings: Temporary employees typically come with lower costs compared to permanent hires. You can avoid expenses such as benefits, paid time off, and severance pay until you decide to convert the temporary position into a permanent one. Furthermore, you can avoid the costs associated with onboard candidates on an initial temporary basis.

Time Efficiency: Temp-to-perm arrangements can expedite the hiring process, as you can quickly onboard temporary staff to address immediate staffing needs while still evaluating them for permanent roles. This can help prevent disruptions to your operations caused by prolonged vacancies.

Talent Pool Expansion: Adopting a temp-to-perm model allows you to access a broader pool of talent. Some candidates may be more willing to accept temporary positions initially, providing you with access to skilled individuals who might not be actively seeking permanent employment.

Employee Development: Temp-to-perm arrangements can serve as extended trial periods during which candidates can develop their skills and receive training tailored to your company’s needs. This can result in more effective and productive permanent employees in the long run.

Enhanced Recruitment Strategy: Implementing a temp-to-perm model can diversify your recruitment strategy, providing you with greater flexibility in how you attract and retain talent. It allows you to explore different hiring avenues and adjust your approach based on the specific needs of each position.

A Strategic Approach to Hiring

Using HLH Group for temp-to-perm recruitment offers your construction company a different strategic approach to hiring that can help your business adapt to changing needs, minimize risks, and build a stronger workforce over time.

Labour Hire Temp to Perm Recruitment Sydney

Labour Hire – Temp to Perm Recruitment

We offer temp to permanent recruitment across all our labour hire placements, whilst we can also provide tailored solutions to your company’s specific requirements. Already have an employee engaged on labour hire and want to hire them directly? Contact your account manager to discuss conversion options.

Curious to find out how temp to perm recruitment can work for your business? Get in touch with our experienced team of recruiters today by calling 02 8985 2019 or using our labour request form here.

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