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Recent Drone Projects: Showcasing Our Work in Construction

Drone Photography Showcase

At HLH Marketing, we understand the importance of having a unique perspective on construction projects. That’s why we offer professional drone photography and videography services to our clients in the construction industry. With our experienced drone operators and cutting-edge drone gear, we’ve completed successful projects for a range of clients, including roofing companies, demolition experts, residential builders, and property developers. Through this blog post, we aim to provide you with a glimpse of our recent successful drone projects that showcase the unique perspectives and high-quality results we can offer for your past, current, or future construction projects.

Project #1: Drone Photography @ Westfield Penrith

In March 2023, we completed a drone photography project for a roofing client at Westfield Penrith, NSW. Our scope of works included capturing the installation of a new roof and the Westfield logo. By using drones, we were able to capture unique perspectives and high-quality data, providing our client with footage that they could use for marketing and website purposes.

Project #2: Residential Drone Footage @ Bondi

In February 2023, we completed a drone photography project for a high-end residential builder in Bondi, NSW. Our scope of works included showcasing the completed house project. Using our drone technology, we captured stunning aerial views of the completed project, highlighting its unique features and design. The client and their designer were going for a construction award and used our footage in their portfolio to showcase the project’s aerial perspectives, contributing to their successful nomination.

Project #3: Drone Photography For A Concrete Pour

In February 2023, we completed a drone photography project for an apartment development in Ryde, NSW. Our task was to capture the progress of the concrete pour, which was a critical stage in the project’s completion. Our drone pilot arrived on site at 6 am and spent the entire day capturing footage of the concrete pour from different angles and perspectives. By using drones, we were able to closely monitor the progress of the project and ensure that the concrete pour was successful. We’re proud to have been a part of this project and are looking forward to returning in a few months to capture the next stages of progress.

Drone Photography Construction Sydney - HLH Group

Project #4: School Demolition

Over a period of six weeks in March 2023, we completed a drone photography project for a demolition client in Castle Hill, NSW. Our scope of works included capturing the progress of the entire demolition project, which required multiple site visits. Throughout the project, we had to be vigilant and watch out for any demolition machinery to avoid any potential collisions. We’ve completed all but the final stage of the project, which we’re looking forward to capturing in the coming weeks. Our footage will showcase the successful completion of this demolition project and will serve as a valuable asset for our client’s portfolio.

Drone Use in Construction

We hope these four examples of our recent best drone projects have demonstrated our skills and capabilities at HLH Marketing. Our experienced team of drone pilots and advanced technology enables us to provide high-quality drone photography and videography services for various industries. If you have a construction project that requires aerial footage, call us today at (02) 8985 2019, email us at michael@hlhgroup.com.au or contact us online to discuss how we can help you achieve the best possible results. Let us showcase your project from a unique perspective and help you achieve your goals.

Drone Construction Project Sydney - HLH Group

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