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Tips On Becoming A Traffic Controller

Want A Traffic Controller Job in Sydney?

Thinking of becoming a traffic controller? Here are Hunter Labour Hire’s tips on how to become a traffic controller and get working on construction sites in Sydney. Although traffic control is for both male and female, in the past couple of years there has been an increase in female traffic controllers. This is great for women as there is a stereo type that all labourer’s and tradies that work on a construction site should be male. This is one thing for the women to win!

So, if you read this blog and have an urge to change career from the office walls to the great outdoors then traffic controlling could be your thing. Register now with Hunter Labour Hire to be kept updated about up and coming traffic control roles.

What You Need To Be A Traffic Controller

If you are considering applying for a job as a traffic controller there are a few items that you’ll need to have before applying. Check them out below!

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required on every construction site and as a traffic controller includes:

  • Steel Toe Cap Boots: Boots must be steel toecap these are a basic requirement on any construction site.
  • Hard Hat: A hard hat or safety helmet is required on all construction sites, this is determined by a risk assessment which is carried out on the site by the construction supervisor.Broad brimmed hat with florescent band or legionnaire hat may also be worn when the sun is very strong. This acts as protection, which will stop you from squinting and not being able to see oncoming traffic which is a dangerous hazard for traffic controllers on construction sites. Just imagine you’re wearing the newest fedora hat and work the pavement like it’s your runway!
  • High Vis Top and Trousers: On top, a traffic controller should wear long sleeved florescent shirt usually yellow or orange with a reflector band applied to the clothing. There are many different types of shirts and depending on the site you are on they may require specific ones. All traffic controllers must have “traffic controller” labelled across the back of their high vis top.
    Trousers must be full length with reflector band, these are usually navy with florescent stripes on them.
  • Protective Eyewear: Protective eye wear shields the eyes against strong sun and any airborne workplace hazards. This must meet Australian Standards and protect the eyes against such hazards. For traffic controllers, sunglasses must be polarized to protect the eyes from the sun and ensure that traffic controllers have full vision in strong sun conditions.
  • Earplugs: Earplugs to protect eardrums from any road works or heavy machinery that may be operated close to where the traffic controller is working on a construction site.
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is another requirement for all traffic controllers to wear of their own accord to ensure they do not get burned whilst working on site. Some construction sites can supply this to all labourer’s but it’s always a good idea to have your own so you’re not left looking red faced!

What Equipment Should Traffic Controllers Expect To Use?

Stop & Slow Bat
This is double sided hand held sign with “Stop” banner on one side and “SLOW” banner on the opposite side. These should always be clean and in good condition to prompt oncoming traffic to either come to a stop or slow down.

Witches Hats/ Cones
These are used to warn drivers and pedestrians of hazardous areas on or near construction sites. These are key for traffic controllers to ensure all pedestrians and drivers have full visibility when approaching any obstructions or diversions near construction sites.

These are used to divert traffic, chevrons are usually black and yellow with lights or orange signs with black arrows to assist traffic controllers when diverting traffic.

Equipment for Traffic Controllers - Hunter Labour Hire Sydney

Danger Tape
Danger tape is a visual tape used to block off areas that are unsafe for anyone on a construction site or pedestrian to enter, ensuring safety on any construction site for all labourers, pedestrians and drivers.

Barriers & Barricades
These are used to prevent hazards and direct traffic away from the area with barriers around it. These can include, road traffic barriers, expandable & portable barriers, post & rope barriers, removable bollards and orange cones.

Signs used by traffic controllers range from Stop & Go Signs, Keep Left/Right, no left/Right turn etc. these signs should be marked where necessary to advise all pedestrians and drivers of any obstruction or diverted traffic areas near construction sites.

Tickets Required For Traffic Controllers in Sydney

If you want to be a traffic controller in Sydney as well as the PPE gear above you’ll also need a variety of construction tickets and licences to be allowed work on construction sites. If you need it, we can provide training for tickets and licences.

White Card:
A White card is necessary for anyone who wants to work on a construction site or in a construction position. Along with white card you need a full driver’s license to progress onto blue and yellow cards.

Blue Card:
This will qualify the traffic controller to control the traffic through or past any roadwork site. Enabling them to direct traffic with a stop and slow sign.

Yellow Card:
This will qualify the traffic controller to set up traffic control plans and sites once approved with the specific traffic management plans.

If you already have all of the required tickets and PPE gear to work as a traffic controller then register with us now for work!

Traffic Controllers For Hire in Sydney

Do you need good, reliable, and hardworking traffic controllers for an upcoming project? Get in contact with Hunter Labour Hire online or call us on +61 2 8985 2019 and we can supply you with the best traffic controllers Sydney has to offer!

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  • Nick Barker-Pendree
    Posted at 11:48h, 24 January Reply

    I am looking into becoming a construction traffic controller to combine with acting work.
    A friend of mine told me you can earn $60 an hour on night shift work. Is this true?
    Please could you advise me on the following:
    – what are the day and night payment rates for a traffic controller with white and yellow cards.
    – is there an age limit on becoming a TC? I am 52 years old, and fit and healthy.
    – How much does the PPE equipment cost – where is the best place to purchase it in Sydney?
    – Once i have the equipment and white and yellow cards – can i then register with Hunter and other similar agencies?
    – How do I find jobs for traffic controllers or are these 100% dependant on the agency? I see there are zero jobs on your Jobseekers page for TCs. So how do I know I’ll get work after investing in the equipment and paperwork?

    Apologies for the number of questions but I really hope you can find the time to advise me.
    Many many thanks
    Nick Barker-Pendree

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