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Scaffolding Tools, Do’s & Don’ts, Interesting Facts & Jobs!

Jobs For Scaffolders in Sydney

In a recent post we told you about the increasing number scaffolding jobs in Sydney due to the soaring construction sector but in this post we’re going to let would be scaffolders in Sydney know the tools you’ll need on site, some key do’s and don’ts when on a building site and then top it off with some interesting facts about scaffolding. You ready? Here we go…

Tools For Scaffolders

If you’re working as a scaffolder in Sydney then these are some of the tools you’ll be expected to have in your toolkit. If you’re not sure where to pick up tools in Sydney then click that link. Now, in no particular order, here are the tools scaffolders will need on site:

Tools for Scaffolders - Scaffolding Tools Sydney - Hunter Labour Hire

  1. Hammer/Podger – Required for the assembly of modular systems to ensure pins are securely located. Also required for the dismantle process
  2. Magnetic Spirit Level – To ensure the base out is level, standards are plumb and additional tubes and beams are level.
  3. Steel Fixers Nips – Required to secure, chain-mesh, ladders and kick-boards
  4. Scaffolders Ratchet – Required to tighten/loosen fittings such as 90’s, swivels, beam clamps, singles, stair bolts and wall tie anchors
  5. Adjustable Spanner – Required for difficult to reach fittings.
  6. Tape Measure – Required for base-outs, tube and fitting systems, etc.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Scaffolding

Like all things in life as always there are some ground rules and if you’re scaffolding in Sydney (or anywhere really!) then these are the scaffolding do’s and don’ts you should follow:

  • Do follow the 1m rule or advanced handrail system!
  • Don’t find yourself exposed with no handrails!
  • Do show up to work with a FULL tool belt and on time!
  • Don’t go out partying and think its ok to turn up late the next day with no toolbelt!
  • Do produce scaffold tickets, white card and photo ID at inductions.
  • Don’t have a crumpled-up piece of paper or photo on your phone of your tickets/cards for inductions.
  • Do show up with full PPE, helmet, safety boots, gloves, safety glasses and Hi-vis clothing.
  • Don’t show up with baseball cap, running shoes and sunnies.
  • Do communicate well and work as a team member whilst on the job.
  • Don’t break off on your own working against the crew!

Interesting Scaffolding Facts – Did You Know?

Now, with the do’s and don’t out of the way, here are some interesting scaffolding facts for you.

  • Michelangelo is considered the best scaffold designer in the history of mankind! It is believed that he designed a scaffold to paint the ‘Sistine Chapel.’
  • Scaffolding originated in South Africa and China where bamboo was a favourite material, which is still used today in parts of Asia.
  • The Great Wall of China was built using bamboo scaffold.
  • The average heaviest scaffold component used is usually around 20kg – what a great way to build those muscles!

Well, how many did you know or any scaffolding facts of your own to share? Comment below to let us know!

Scaffolding Facts - Hunter Labour Hire

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    Posted at 23:10h, 31 October Reply

    Thanks for helping me learn more about scaffolders and scaffolding. You briefly mentioned the 1m rule, and I’m interested to learn what this rule is. It sounds like it’s an important safety rule for scaffolding, so it could be good to know or at least know how to practice it.

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