Labour Hire Company - Candidate FAQ

Labour Hire Company: Candidate FAQ

Labour Hire Company FAQ for Candidates

Are you currently looking for work with a labour hire company? But you maybe have a number of questions that you would like the answer to? Fear not, our labour hire guru’s fresh from the success of their Client FAQ have put together a new FAQ, namely for any potential candidates interested in working in a casual construction job in Sydney with Hunter Labour Hire.

What is Labour Hire?

Labour Hire Company - Candidate FAQ - Hunter Labour Hire SydneyLabour Hire is a casual supply of experienced, skilled and unskilled labour to help construction companies fill any additional labour requirements they have but cannot fill using their own staff resources due to a variety of factors.  In most cases workers are employed by an organization on a casual basis. Here are ten reasons why you should work for a labour hire company in Sydney.

Labour Hire Rates & Pay

The rate of pay for any of Hunter Labour Hire’s workers is set on a job by job basis. For example, the salary of a licensed electriciann with their own tools and transport would be much higher than that of a skilled labourer with 1 years’ experience assisting electricians.

The specific rate varies depending on a number of factors: Workers previous experience, location of site, duration of employment with us, tools provided, client feedback and overall performance.

Bottom Line: The rate you start on could be completely different in two months’ time.

Are There Any Allowances Available?

Hunter Labour Hire pays all its casual employees a minimum daily fares and travel allowance. While from site to site there are some additional allowances such as a meal allowance and even on site allowances.

What is a Tax File Number?

A Tax File Number is a number used as your personal reference in the tax system. It is an important part of your tax records so make sure you keep it secure. Once you start working with Hunter Labour Hire you will be required to fill in a Tax File Number Declaration form, for any queries relating to filling in your TFN declaration consult the ATO’s website.

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation is a compulsory retirement contribution all employers must pay in addition to the employees’ wages. Under the Super Guarantee your employer must pay 9.5% of your salary into a super fund. As an employee you need to supply Hunter Labour Hire payroll department with your super fund details when you register. If you haven’t yet joined a Super fund the industry fund for Building and construction is CBUS and you can register on their website.

What Do I Need to Bring to Site on My First Day?

As a very minimum you will need to have a white card (General Construction Industry Card) and basic PPE including a hard hat, hi vis top, steel toe cap boots, and gloves. We can supply you with Hunter Labour Hire hi-vis tops once you start working as part of the team.

Is There Overtime Work Available?

From time to time and based on the site we place you on there will be an opportunity for overtime hours and you will be paid penalty rates accordingly. However, it is usually the best workers on site who get offered more hours. If you are keen for overtime work, then it is up to you to show the client that you are worthy of the extra cost implied by penalty rates.

How Will I Be Paid?

At Hunter Labour Hire we pay all our workers each Thursday after the week that has been worked, your wages will be in your bank account by Friday morning at the latest. You must ensure that you bring our timesheet and get it signed off by the site contact provided to you. The completed and signed timesheet must be submitted to our payroll department at timesheets@hunterlabourhire.com.au by 10.00 am each Monday. If you need a copy of our timesheets you can download them and print them here.

Can I Get Labour Hire Work Close To Me?

Our account managers will wherever possible take into account where you are living when they place you on a site. However, on occasion you will be expected to travel to job sites throughout Sydney from North Sydney to the Eastern Suburbs. Also let us know if you have your own transport as this can give you a distinct advantage over other candidates in reaching some sites.

How Can I Ensure That I Can Get Consistency of Work with Hunter Labour Hire?

With Hunter Labour Hire every job we place you on is an opportunity for an extended placement or full time position with the client. The best way to ensure you are in consistent work is by following the four P’s. Be Punctual, take Pride in your work, be Present and think about safety and the best way to do things, and most of all ensure you Please the client by giving your best on site.

Labour Hire Company - Candidate FAQ - How To Get Consistent labour hire work

What Job Opportunities Are Available?

The best place to see what we have available is in our jobs section on our website. If you are after a different position not advertised, then don’t be put off. Our recruiters are experts in finding top candidates, top jobs. Fill in our find work form today to make the first steps in getting your new construction job.

What is Casual Employment?

Casual employment is a source of employment in Australia where an employee is paid at a higher hourly rate in lieu of having employment guaranteed, and missing standard full time standard employment conditions such as annual holidays. We have a variety of casual jobs in Sydney available so check out our jobs section for our latest positions.

Any More Labour Hire Questions?

We hope you have found the answer to any questions you may have had but if not then get in touch with us today by filling in our online contact form, by emailing info@hunterlabourhire.com.au or by phoning the office on 02 89852019.

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