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How to Keep Your HLH Account Manager Happy

Keep Your Manager Happy!

From the early starts at 6 am to check on labourers to hearing every last-minute illness or injury excuse in the book. Labour hire is a tough game and not for the faint-hearted. After five years in operation, we have seen it all. We’ve had labourers decide to have an impromptu day off due to seeing some extra sun in the sky and ones not fancy the 45 min commute to Lidcombe. Whilst it has its ups and downs, having good workers make the job all worthwhile. Good workers are the key to any businesses success, especially in labour hire as it is the core service being provided. We all know about the common term “happy wife means a happy life”, well the same can be said for the relationship between your HLH account manager and worker. So here is our guide to keeping your HLH account manager happy whilst working for us!

Labour Hire Site Behaviour - HLH Group Sydney

Labour Hire Site Behaviour

There is nothing worse than getting a call from a client to be told the worker you sent today has been rubbish and used his phone all day. So here are some things NOT to do on site to keep your account manager happy;

  • Phone Use: They turned up and were never off their phone, this is probably one of the biggest complaints on site foreman hate it and it has led to many labourers being labelled bludgers.
  • Late Arrival: Another trait that grinds the gears of the site foreman is lateness. If a labourer is late it can cause massive issues on sites, such as missing toolbox talks or inductions. As a result, the labourer may be sent home for the day. This can ruin a client’s schedule and our HLH team have to hear it all on the phone at day end so please arrive early.
  • Early Departure: The site foreman is never going to say no to you. We can guarantee to you though they won’t be happy and they will be sure to ask for a different labourer the next day. Unless you have built a strong relationship and connection with your site foreman, it is best you just complete a full day of work.


Great communication is one of the most underrated personality traits to have. Phoning and texting us back as soon as you can regarding a job opening will help us out a lot. More often than not, when we receive a text from labourers five hours after we’ve sent them a text the project has already been filled by another individual. Our recruiters day starts at 6:00 am and sometimes doesn’t finish until 8:00 pm with late requests from clients. The last thing our recruiters want to be doing late in the night is sitting around waiting for a message back to let us know if you’ve accepted or declined tomorrows project. Prompt responses are a must, we may even give you a second text to urge a response. If there is still no response our team may not consider you for future projects. So please, as much of a pain texting can be sometimes it is essential that you try and text them back as soon as possible.

Travel & Labour Hire – Hand in Hand

Finally, we are at the mercy of our client’s requests so we do not have a say in where and when a project requires labourers. So if you are living in backpacker hotspots Bondi or Coogee and you’re now seeing your travel time is one hour, we cannot control this. We don’t do this out of spite, this is the reality of living by the beach. As you probably know by now, Eastern Suburbs is very congested and developers are looking out west to build. So, it may be nice to live by the ocean but when it comes to working you may have to travel a little bit to the site. We would rather you tell us that you are not comfortable with the travel time the day before and NOT 10 minutes before your shift starts. It is worth mentioning, if you are willing to go the extra mile somedays you can be sure we will return the favour and offer overtime and even projects closer to home when they come in.

Keep Your Account Manager Happy - HLH Group Sydney

Keep Your Account Manager Happy!

So remember the three tips to keep your account manager happy are communication, hard work and respect. If you are looking for a labouring role and can abide by the above practices to keep us happy feel free to apply online here. Alternatively you can give us a call on (02) 8995 2019 or email us at jobs@hunterlabourhire.com.au.

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