Hunter Labour Hire Employee of the Month - June

Employee of the Month – June

HLH Employee of the Month – June

Hunter Labour Hire have been getting busier over the last few months and a few outstanding candidates were nominated for employee of the month, but one employee stood out. This employee is never late with his timesheet, he never moans about the job and always turns up on time and puts in maximum effort. He does any job that is put in front of him – the client has even taken him 4 hours away from Sydney to assist on a job for a week and the client loves him that much that he works solely for them. Hunter Labour Hire are proud to award the June Employee of the Month is Max Crowe.

A Skilled Labourer And A Site Manager’s Dream

Max has been working with us since March and has worked with lots of different clients and every single one only has good things to say about him. Max has proven himself to be a reliable, hardworking and is always a pleasure to deal with. Max is an experienced skilled labourer and is more than capable of jumping on a jackhammer, grinder or helping erect scaffolding. He can put his hand to anything due to his easy going and positive attitude; Max is every site manager’s dream.

Max Crowe Project Supervisor Recommendation - Hunter Labour Hire

Statement From Max’s Project Supervisor

It’s easy for us to wax lyrical about how great an employee Max is but it’s a different kettle of fish when his Project Supervisor says the same. Here is what Max’s supervisor had to say:
“Since Hunter Labour Hire first provided Max Crowe we were instantly happy with him, his ability to work with a team of craftsman has been excellent. Max always has high performance standards, his ethics, workmanship, motivation and reliability has been incredibly valuable. I would like to personally thank Max and all the team at Hunter Labour his for providing us with such fantastic services.” Mark – Project Supervisor

What Max Has To Say

And, what about the man of of moment? What did Max have to say on scooping arguably the biggest monthly prize in the Sydney labour hire industry and working with HLH? This:
“My experience working for Hunter Labour Hire has been amazing. They never fail to provide me with work even at short notice. The guys in the office are all really great and easy to talk to. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to work for! Thanks!.”

Max Crowe - Hunter Labour Hire Employee of the Month - June

Continually Raising Standards

So, once again congrats to Max, and, well, the rest of the Employee of the Month Winners, as their desire to win – and be the best labour hire they can be – has resulted in our labour hire standards continually rising. Thanks to our vetting and recruitment process we’ve always sourced top workers but with some healthy competition the standard of our labour hire is continually improving! If you’d like to join the labour hire team – and help us keep raising the standard! – then apply online here. If you’re looking for labour hire then give our consultants a call now on +61 2 8985 2019 or contact us online for more info!

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